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47 Peer Reviewed Scientific Publications and Journals


Read the published research journals from Dr. Heping Zhu, Agricultural Engineer for the USDA Agricultural Research Service

One-of-a-kind ‘Intelligent’ sprayer being developed in Ohio


The intelligent sprayer reduced airborne spray drift by up to 87 percent and reduced spray loss on the ground by 68 to 93 percent compared to a conventional sprayer.

Spray Deposition Inside Tree Canopies From a Newly Developed Variable-Rate Air-Assisted Sprayer


A variable-rate air-assisted sprayer implementing laser scanning technology was developed to apply appropriate amounts of pesticides based on tree canopy characteristics

Passing the intelligence test


For controlling pests, decreasing pesticide use, and reducing production costs and worker exposure to pesticide risks, this new generation of intelligent sprayer delivers precisely what it was designed to do.

Laser-Guided Crop Sprayer


A team of Agricultural Research Service and university scientists has developed a new laser-guided spraying system that controls spray outputs to match targeted tree structures.

Development of an Intelligent Sprayer to Optimize Pesticide Applications in Nurseries and Orchards


Variable rate spray applications using intelligent control systems can greatly reduce pesticide use and in nursery and orchard productions.

They made the World’s First 'Intelligent Sprayer'


The development and testing team represents a collaboration between CFAES, FABE, CFAES’s Department of Entomology and the USDA-Agricultural Research Service.

Orchard Management Technology


ARS scientists and colleagues developed a laser-guided variable-rate spraying system that delivers orchard pesticides with more accuracy and less waste.

Intelligent Spray Systems for Floral and Ornamental Nursery Crops


Innovative new spray technologies will deliver pest control formulations in an economical, accurate, timely and environmentally sustainable manner.

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