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Everything depends on your harvest. We understand that. We’re 100% invested in ensuring that your investment is protected–not just for this year, but for years to come. We have farmers on our team who know the unique challenges of dealing with ever-changing growing conditions. That’s why we’re committed to bringing the best technology to today’s growing systems to reduce waste, conserve the environment and improve your bottom line. 

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Whether you’re a first generation farmer or tending land that’s been in your family for generations, a lot of people depend on your facility’s success. Families depend on it. At Smart Apply, we understand and respect the hard work and dedication that making a living as a grower requires. Our goal is to make that work as efficient and profitable as possible for you. Our families depend on it too. 


The technology that drives Smart Apply was based on the USDA's system(s) over a period of ten years. In 2018, Smart Apply was honored to be the only company entrusted by the USDA to commercialize the technology. And you can place your trust in Smart Apply too. We’ll be in the trenches with you, day in and day out, until your harvest is done. 

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STEVE BOOHER, Founder & Chairman

Steve is an entrepreneurial leader with a proven track record of success. An Indiana native, Steve was raised in America’s heartland. He learned, at a young age, to appreciate the value that farming brings to the economy and the sense of accomplishment that a hard day’s work brings. 

Steve’s vision for Smart Apply is to make this new technology mainstream amongst tree farmers, enabling them to work smarter, make more money, protect the environment and preserve their farms for generations to come. 

Gary farmed in Hancock County, Indiana for more than 20 years, during which time he also studied mechanical engineering at Purdue University. One of the most gifted Ag Equipment Engineers, Gary is committed to helping farmers gain the maximum return on their investments through education and communication. 


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Jerry Johnson, President & CEO

February 1, 2021: Smart Apply, Inc. has brought in Jerry Johnson as President & CEO, as Steve Booher, Founder & CEO remains as Chairman of the Board of Directors; and Gary Vandenbark moves from President & Chief Engineer to Chief Engineer.


Prior to joining Smart Apply, Mr. Johnson took early retirement from Blount International, serving as President of the Farm, Ranch and Agriculture division in Oregon, IL since 1995.  Having worked his way up from Manager of Technical Support, GM Manufacturing, VP Operations to President.  Prior to Blount, Mr. Johnson worked at General Electric Company several manufacturing rolls during Jack Welch’s tenure as CEO.

Mr. Johnson has also served on the Association of Equipment Manufactures (AEM) Board of Directors, Ag Sector Board, Chairman of Ag Sector Board, and was slated to assume Chairman of the Association in 2022.

Mr. Johnson earned his B.S. from Southern Illinois University in Industrial Technology in 1983, an A.S. degree in Machine Design Technology in 1981, and Six Sigma Black Belt from Air Academy in 1999.

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